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The Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan proposes to build up to 5,000 houses between Orston and Elton.

The HUGE impact on local residents would include: 

  • Loss of picturesque landscape which the Vale of Belvoir is renowned for
  • Loss of many beautiful walks around the open spaces in our villages
  • Disturbance to the peace and quiet of our villages with building work set to continue for years
  • At least 10,000 additional cars on our already congested roads, which would all fight to exit at the A52 junction in Elton or use the village as a rat run
  • Loss of rare habitats and beautiful wildlife Click to find out more
  • Stretched local essential services such as GP Surgeries and Schools

We are seeking your support to stop inappropriate development between the villages of Orston and Elton on the Hill.

The Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan proposes the development of up to 5,000 homes to create a "Garden Village" - the marketing term for a large new housing estate in the countryside - that could stretch along both sides of Station Road from the A52 at Elton on the Hill all the way to Orston and nearly to the River Smite.
A group of concerned residents have formed an action group called, ‘Orston and Surrounding Villages Against Inappropriate Development’ (OSVAID.) 

Fighting this will cost money! Click to donate

We need donations to help us respond to the Council professionally. We will engage a respected planning consultancy with significant experience in strategic planning to review the Council's proposal and submit objections to the proposal. This is because we need to object on the basis of material planning considerations, by the deadline, which is 14th September.
Engaging a professional will cost a minimum of £1,800 and there will be other costs associated with the objection. (A record of every penny spent will be maintained and made available to anyone who wishes to see it.)
Some residents have already pledged donations, but we still need your help. Please give what you can.

What can I do?

This consultation is part of the proposed Greater Nottingham Planning Strategy for 2028 to 2038. Importantly, the Sec of State for Housing, Communities and Local Goverment, our MP Robert Jenrick, is pushing through planning reforms. His proposals mean that once an area is designated for development the local communities will have no opportunity to get involved with the planning application, as outline planning permission is automatically granted to the developer.

That means that it is important to comment now and not leave it until an actual planning application goes in

Consultation submission deadline!

14th September, 23:59

We are trying to make it easier for you to have your say by providing example responses that you can modify or just send as they are, in the following ways:

  1. Download the letters, edit them as you want, then email them to To do this go to our 'Have Your Say' page'
  2. Fill in our form  on the 'Have Your Say' page and we'll put your details on the letters, then email them back to you to forward to
  3. Leave comments on
  4. Go on line to and complete the response form
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