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Advanced Tunnel Grouting System

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An improved, closed-loop control system was designed, utilising ste-of-the-art electro-magnetic flow meters and inverter controlled electric pumps. As the system was critical to the tunnelling operation a three-level control fall-back methodology was employed, 3D Solid Modelling was used to ensure that the equipment would fit effectively into a very constrained space envelope, whilst still allowing the pumps to be easily maintained. The whole project was completed in 6 weeks inception to delivery and ensured the 3.6m diameter 5Km long tunnel drive was completed ahead of schedule, since there were no delays due to grout quality issues or breakdowns.


A major tunnelling contractor had operational problems with filling the void behind tunnel segment rings using a cementitious grout and setting accelerator. Their existing equipment employed two eccentric screw pumps, one supplying grout and the other accelerator, operating on a fixed speed ratio between the two. However, this open-loop control resulted in a large variability of the filling material proportions due to back-pressure and pump wear, resulting in quality control delays to the tunneling operation. 

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